Personal blog for yours truly.


I’m super good at having grand ideas, implementing a proof of concept, then moving on to the next project. I do my best to see things through but there might be a pattern here. This place is to share the things I hack up.

For work I’m a software engineer in the security R&D space. I’ve worked at SourceFire (acq. Cisco), ISE, Trail of Bits, Google, and now River Loop Security. Research contracts are where I find myself most engaged, so I am very picky about the work I take. Right now I am working on a hypervisor, and have some projects that touch binary instrumentation, static analysis, reverse engineering, and some computer vision using neural networks.


I live in Koreatown in Los Angeles. I do body weight exercises, snowboard, and ride bikes. I have a Wrangler and really enjoy driving slowly on dirt roads.

I follow a strict diet due to some health issues. I have a long list of common foods I don’t eat, but I still can eat meat so I eat a lot of meat.

Updated: 05/04/2021